Revamped Websites had the awesome opportunity to recreate DevilDog Ink and Paint LLC is a custom art studio owned by a United States Marine Corps Veteran. He does tattoos, custom airbrushing, murals, and canvas artwork. His time is valuable and limited between painting, drawing, and tattooing. 

Revamped Websites is here for businesses like DevilDog Ink And Paint. We want to make small business owners the websites they deserve. Your time shouldn’t be spent on figuring out how to build and optimize a website. Your time should be spent creating what you love!

Here is a little of what Revamped Websites did to revamp


The overall styling showcases a professional and presentable Top Navigation that visitors will see the most throughout the site. The thinner design also allows more to be seen on each page. 

We were able to take the DevilDog Ink and Paint logo and remove the background. This allows us to add it to the Top Navigation with a professional look. (Make sure to check out our post on Best Image Format to know which format to use for this.)

We also took added the waving American flag background to the Top Navigation and buttons. This background is used throughout the site.


Using the same image created by DevilDog Ink and Paint for the banner, we were able to make it a fixed image. This gives the effect of it staying in place as the visitor scrolls through the site. 

As with the majority of sites, we want a good call to action on the home page. This is done with a button that takes the visitor to the contact form in order to ask about artwork. 

We were also able to add the main social media icon links that DevilDog Ink and Paint uses. Since there is a community that follows his artwork and plenty of images and videos to showcase, social media is a great place for DevilDog Ink and Paint to be. 

Contact Form

The look and ease of use of a contact form show a professional site. This gives the visitor comfort in the website’s product and message. 

The visitor is able to type their name and email along with whatever questions about getting custom artwork from DevilDog Ink and Paint. 

There is also a button where the visitor can upload an image of a possible tattoo or design. This helps eliminate extra steps or back-and-forths between the visitor and DevilDog Ink and Paint. Anything that can be done to save people’s time is good to implement. Neither the visitor nor DevilDog Ink and Paint want their valuable time wasted. 

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